• Arts+Tech Night Event Bill

      Part of my responsibilities in UW-Milwaukee’s Interdisciplinary Arts+Technology Program involved the planning and promotion of a public art event called Arts+Tech Night.  Since the event features work from a few dozen students spread across multiple floors of exhibition space, an event bill is required to help patrons navigate […]

    • Planning and Design Institute Corporate Identity Package

      Between 2001 and 2005, I worked for the Planning and Design Institute, Inc. (PDI), a Milwaukee-based urban planning and architectural consulting firm.  My design work at PDI included a corporate identity design package including web page, logo, business cards, print marketing materials, letterhead, and standardized report covers.  In […]

    • Village of Glenview Comprehensive Land Use Plan

      While working as a graphic designer at PDI, once of my responsibilities involved copyediting and graphic design for the Village of Glenview’s Comprehensive Plan document.  Glenview is a community located in Illinois, just north of Chicago, and serviced both by Metra commuter rail and Amtrak. Village of Glenview […]

    • UW-Milwaukee Film Department Small Publication

      While studying Film at UW-Milwaukee, a handful of students and I put together a small publication on a shoestring budget.  Called Panopticon, I chose a staple-bound 2-up saddle stitch format for cost reasons, and designed the pages to resemble the underground aesthetic of a “zine.”  Only one issue […]

    • UW-Madison Undergraduate Literary & Arts Magazine

      While studying at UW-Madison, I served on staff at Canvas, UW-Madison’s undergraduate literary & arts magazine, and sister publication to the Madison Review, UW-Madison’s national literary journal.  At Canvas, I served as a reader and as layout editor for the 2001 edition.  The document was designed in Quark XPress, […]